Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Is Hockey Relevant Again?

I watched Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals last night. Wow. What a game! When Max Talbot scored with 34.3 seconds left in regulation to keep the octopi off of the ice, I shouted "That was in!" so loud Zack started to cry and it took 5 minutes to calm him down.

Marc-Andre Fleury was unbelievable, stopping 55 of 58 shots, including all 21 in the 3 OTs. The Pens were getting manhandled by the Red Wings in the third period and the first OT, and everyone but Fleury looked like they were thinking, "Make the bad men stop." But Fleury carried them to the win.

Game 6 is in Pittsburgh. If the Pens win at home, we could be in for a great conclusion to the hockey season in Game 7.


Josh said...

No, it's not... Go Wings! Hope you're doing well buddy. We missed ya on Saturday, things went much better on the home mouse.

Matt said...

Hockey may still be the #6 sport in America behind football, baseball, basketball, NASCAR and golf, but that game still great.