Thursday, March 19, 2009

N.T. Wright, Antony Flew, and Gary Habermas on Flew, Richard Dawkins, and Resurrection

Dr. Gary Habermas has posted some videos of a conversation between himself, N.T. Wright, and Antony Flew about God and the resurrection. Flew was a preeminent atheist philosopher who recently converted to Deism based on Plato's argument from first cause.

Wright and Habermas interview Flew and ask him what would have to happen for us to know the God that Flew says he believes in. Flew agrees that resurrection or some other impossible event is the only type of thing that could "prove" God's intervention in history (i.e. to bridge the gap between Deism and Theism).

Flew also answers Richard Dawkins' accusations that he is senile.

(HT: Ben Witherington)

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