Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Michael Spencer on the Collapse of Evangelicalism

Michael Spencer predicts the collapse of American evangelicalism in the coming years. I think he is right. Little in popular evangelicalism has anything to do with Christianity.

At this point, I think churches need to focus on orthodox faith and missional living. Let the megachurches, radio stations, political groups, and trinket stores rest in peace.

Spencer--My Prediction:The Coming Evangelical Collapse
Spencer--The Coming Evangelical Collapse: What Will be Left?
Spencer--The Coming Evangelical Collapse: Good or Bad?

(Plus he references Michael Horton. Horton's book In the Face of God changed my life.)

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AD said...

Michael Spencer's initiative, which I caught on Christian Science Monitor, strikes me as unusually fruitful. It led me to his blog and then on to yours...and in the course of that a discovery of the genuiness hidden way in the Evangelical churches. One has a sense of the flow of grace...