Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scot McKnight and the NeoReformed

Scot McKnight has blogged about the NeoReformed again. Justin Taylor of Between Two Worlds (part of Piper's Desiring God ministries, I think) has responded.

I guess this "controversy" started with Piper and Wright's back and forth about the nature of justification. Although I haven't read either book, to my knowledge the exchange has been pleasant. The two men disagree but do so with a gracious spirit.

However, I guess McKnight wrote a blurb endorsing Wright's new book to which Piper's camp has taken exception.

I like McKnight, Carson, Piper, and Wright. I hope they work it out.

Perhaps I would disagree with the wording McKnight chose on the blurb, but I think that he has a point that there is a growing constituency of Reformed types who see Reformed theology as the only form of evangelicalism. I don't know if Piper falls into that category, but the group exists and seems to be growing in influence.

I only mention it because it touches on what may be a key issue in the American evangelicalism of the future. Is there room in evangelicalism for the non-Reformed? You will notice in McKnight's article that the main "enemy" of the NeoReformed is the New Perspective on Paul, something I have recently endorsed. I think that my theology is closer to Piper and Carson than it is to McKnight, but I am not Reformed.

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