Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Good Life Sermon 9--"I Need to Get More Done in Less Time"

Two Sundays ago I preached the ninth sermon in my series called The Good Life: Redeeming Suburbia through Counter-cultural Living. I have been interacting with David Goetz's book, Death by Suburb, and comparing his thoughts on suburbia with what I see in the Gospel of John.

The ninth sermon covered Goetz's eighth and final myth of suburbia, "I need to get more done in less time." We talked about busyness. The suburban life is hectic. Between work, commute, school, soccer practice, spin classes, dentist appointments, etc., there isn't much time for real living. Most of us look at our lives and conclude, "I need to get more done in less time." If only I were more efficient with my time, I would be happy.

However, the busy life is, for the most part, the unreflective life. Our busyness costs us something, and many of us need to reevaluate our lives to see why we are so busy. Are we chasing things that are worthwhile, or are we busying ourselves with things that ultimately will rob us of life's joy?

You can hear this sermon, the rest of The Good Life series, or the latest in Gary Albert's series on Ruth here. Older sermons can be found here.

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