Thursday, February 19, 2009

iMonk and the Liturgical Gangstas

Michael Spencer is doing a series called "The Liturgical Gangstas," in which he interviews six ministers representing six Christian traditions. He asks them the same questions and posts their responses in a panel format. The Gangstas include an Eastern Orthodox priest, and Anglican priest, a Southern Baptist pastor, a Roman Catholic writer (not a priest), a United Methodist pastor, and a Lutheran pastor.

In the latest post, he asked them:
What is the most misunderstood positive thing from your tradition?
What are the most ignored weaknesses in your tradition?
Of the five other traditions represented, whom could you learn from the most?

I loved the responses. It was good to see these guys clarify some of the stereotypical criticisms of their tradition, honestly admit their weaknesses, and praise the other traditions for the things they do well.

Good stuff. It's a long post, but worth the read.

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Rob Dilfer said...

Very interesting. I think they could have included a few more streams of Christianity; that was clearly not a comprehensive list, even within the boundaries of the United States. But I like hearing different people share about the strengths and weaknesses of their own stream. I think we often make judgments based on hearsay because we don't get many opportunities to interact with the larger body of Christ. I'm glad to see that the comments, for the most part, weren't focused on liturgical issues. The Methodist and Southern Baptist responses were particularly refreshing. The Orthodox response was about what I expected, but I enjoyed the first part. Also, the Methodist pastor has an awesome mustache.