Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Parable of the Great Banquet

Gary and I are in the midst of a sermon series on the parables of Jesus. On July 26th, I taught on the Parable of the Great Banquet.

My approach to the parables has been different than what you typically hear in church. Instead of preaching a sermon about the meaning of the parables, I have rewritten them in contemporary settings. I'm not going to use this approach forever (it takes a lot longer than writing a sermon), but it has been a lot of fun to do for the parables.

You can listen to the Parable of the Great Banquet here.


Chuck said...

Hi Matt,
I stumbled upon your blog today. I am a professional actor and do a number of one-man dramas as a ministry. My newest show happens to be a contemporary telling of a number of the parables called "Not The Way I Heard It." I would love to bring it to your fellowship. Check it out here:

There is a video trailer of the show as well as a discription, my other dramas and references.

Let me know what you think!


Chuck Neighbors

Matt said...


I checked out your site--great work! I don't think my church is in the market for something like that right now, but I like what you've done.

It's kind of neat that we both had the same idea (and even picked some of the same parables) and yet the finished projects look very different.