Monday, April 13, 2009

Generations Sermon 3

Last week, I preached the third and last sermon in a series we called Generations. In it, we celebrated the generational diversity at our church.

Most churches today target specific demographics. They either have old school worship for the fogies or modern stuff for the whipper-snappers. As a result, everyone in the church looks the same--either all old with no kids or all young with no seniors. Neither of these situations is ideal. In his book, Jesus Wants to Save Christians, Rob Bell says something like "The church is the place where two kinds of blue-haired people, old women and young men, can coexist in peace" (paraphrase). That should be the case. Churches need the energy and passion of youth and the wisdom and experience of elders.

In the Generations series, we looked at the benefits and challenges of a multi-generational church. Gary taught the first two messages (an intro and a message to the older people) and I did the third message (to the young people). I spoke from 1 Timothy 4 on the need for leaders among the younger generation.

You can listen here.

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