Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Conservative Reformed Mafia Interviews Doug Pagitt

The Conservative Reformed Mafia posted an interview with Doug Pagitt, pastor of Solomon's Porch and candidate for the MN state legislature in 2010.

Doug comes under fire in conservative evangelical circles for some of his writings. He is a (founding?) member of Emergent. I have not personally read any of his books, so I don't have anything to add.

CRM asked Pagitt a number of questions about faith and politics. One notable question was about whether he was just a leftist version of James Dobson and the late Jerry Falwell. The questions are poignant, and Doug's answers clarify his intents.

It's worth a listen.


Doug Pagitt said...

haven't read any of my books yet, well I hope they make the top of your christmas list.

Matt said...

I'll send you my address if you're in the Christmas spirit :)

Thanks for stopping by, Doug. Best wishes on the campaign.