Monday, April 28, 2008

Third Kainos Service

Kainos met again last night. As usual, it was great.

Putting on this worship service once per month (soon to be twice) is a lot of work for a lot of people. Last night, 11 people showed up. At the same time, I think all 11 people would say that they met God there. There is something about doing church simply, with no bells or whistles--just a Bible, a piano, some candles, some bread, and some wine, that makes encountering God more meaningful. I think the difference is authenticity.

When I speak in church, I prepare. I use all of the skills I learned in homeletics, and put the hours into the studying. There is pressure. There are standards. There are expectations. When I share at Kainos, I just say, "This is what god has laid on my heart." It's a much needed time of refreshment.

Even if it's just me and 10 friends.

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