Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Believers Fellowship Web Site

The new Believers Fellowship web site is finally done! The site redesign was one of the first projects I was assigned after joining the staff in November of 2006. I put a ton of work into it and worked with several different designers to pull off what I think is now the best looking church web site in Gig Harbor.

The first step in the design process was to come up with an overall look to the site. So, we decided to hire someone to design a new logo and branding for us. Angela Conlon, my friend from Dallas, did the design work and came up with a great logo. Her thoughts and questionairre really helped up narrow down the focus of what our church is about.

After deciding on a logo and branding, we decided to hire a photographer. In my opinion, great photos drive great looking web sites. We hired my friend Promise Tangeman to take the pictures for our site. She did a great job.

Once we had our logo and photos, I started working with a web design team--crossroads creative in Seattle. Travis and Danielle Ness are the son and daughter-in-law of our former office manager here at the church. They came up with several great designs to match our logo, and were extremely flexible in working with our particular wants and desires. They were patient with us as I struggled to finish writing the copy and we decided which of Promise's pictures we liked the best. Travis was great to work with and we love the site they made.

Check out the new look site. Also, we now have sermon audio download, so if you want to hear any of the sermons I have done at Believers Fellowship, you can hear them here.


Laura :) said...

Yay! Check out those glamour shots!

Matt said...

Yeah, we should have had everyone tilt their heads and put a fist to their chin like you had to do in grade schhol.